Jungle Gym is an obstacle-based facility dedicated to performance training.

However, we’re not merely about building obstacles and building bodies; we’re about building people.

Much of what we offer is centered on community and team building.

Our vision is bigger than just a singular gym.

The goal is to be a premier fitness facility that is a societal landmark and conduit for connectivity.

       OUR STORY

The TV series, American Ninja Warrior has inspired backyards around the world to become obstacle course playgrounds. With so many adventurous teens, this seemed to be a good fit for the Bergstrom backyard as well! Quickly, this became a community hot spot for kids and adults to ninja train – and Jungle Gym was born!

Watch Jason’s ANW Season 9 Video Submission

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We love it so much that it is part of our values statement! Fun is defined as something that provides enjoyment and encourages playfulness. This is Jungle Gym! Look forward to stimulating muscle, burning calories, and strategically conquering previous limitations in an atmosphere that just feels good to be in and always offers something new!



Jungle Gym encourages interaction that motivates toward forward motion. Partner/group training is at the heart of what we do! Relationships typically are the difference maker in achieving goals and battling stagnation. Join Jungle Gym and be inspired by the power of connection!



Everything we do is designed to help you to become a better version of yourself. Whatever your goal, Jungle Gym wants to get you there! Mastering an obstacle is exhilarating - whether it’s ninja, a handstand, or first pull-up!        



Jungle Gym is a place that promotes encouragement! Participants readily give and receive helpful advice and encourage each other to take their skill to new levels.



We have faith in a Creator whose design for our bodies is perfect. And faith in the “will to fight” that he has  placed within each of us to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of becoming the best version of our self.



Jungle Gym’s staff enforces safe workout practices and is CPR certified. However, safety goes beyond padding and equipment. We cultivate an environment free from criticism, negativity, and vulgarity.



Our Facility

Have you dreamed of being the next American Ninja Warrior?

Joining a Spartan Team or Obstacle Course Race?

Performing your first muscle-up?

Jungle Gym is a 14,600 sq ft. air conditioned facility featuring

a totally separate kid's  ninja training section as well as:

parkour, weights and a wide variety of Ninja Obstacles! 


Ninja Obstacles in the Main Gym3 warped walls- including the 18' Mega Wall, Spider Wall, Cliffhanger, Double Salmon Ladder, Devil Steps, Cannonball Alley, Unstable Bridge, Floating Steps, The Wedge, Flying Bar, Flywheels, Coin Flipper, Wingnuts, Battering Ram, Windchimes, Floating Monkey Bars, Flying Squirrel, Circuit Board, Iron Maiden, Waverunner, Rolling Thunder, I-Beam, Pegboards, Campus Board, slackline and much more.


The Jungle has scaled down versions of iconic American Ninja Warrior obstacles including Quintuple Steps,

3 Warped Walls, Spider Wall, Cliffhanger, Cannonball Alley, Salmon Ladder, Floating Doors, Unstable Bridge, Windchimes,  Devil Steps, Tilting Ladders, I Beam, Rumbling Dice, plus a ton of hanging and balance obstacles.

A Preschool Ninja Training section is an awesome space for ages 3-4.  With a small warped wall, ball pit, climbing tunnels and lots to climb on, swing on and jump from. 


We are currently building an OCR training section to equip you to succeed at mud runs such as the Spartan and Savage races

An all natural Cafe is also in the works. Our cafe will feature coffee, protein shakes and healthy snacks. **With vegan and organic options available!** 

Jungle Gym is an incredible space for training, playing, parties and bringing people together.  WE ARE GLAD YOU ARE HERE





Jason Bergstrom (Gym Founder) is an American Ninja Warrior Season 9 and 10 veteran. He has tied the world record for number of pull-ups in one minute (59), has a background in competitive wrestling and cross-country, and has participated in numerous obstacle course races. His son, Caleb is a serious ninja competitor, gymnastics enthusiast, and obstacle course racer. Together they lead a team of trained coaches that are dedicated to results-based performance. 

Our team of ninja coaches love kids and work hard to ensure their success. Their objective is to keep kids safe while ensuring they learn new skills, develop strength and have a great time!


Jungle Gym Policies

Monthly Membership

-Month to Month Memberships-

Memberships are month to month and run in billing cycles. A membership guarantees your ninja’s day/time for that billing cycle.

Example: If your membership was purchased to begin on a Wednesday the 25th, billing will occur on the 25th of each month and reserve classes for every Wednesday thereafter until the 25th of the next month. This will be reoccurring until the membership is cancelled.


-Membership Benefits-

As a member, you are guaranteed the same day/time each week. Certain events may be advertised with a member rate vs non-member rate.

-Membership Modifications-

You may change the day/time and upgrade a membership provided there is availability.

-Membership Cancellation- 

There is no penalty for membership cancellation. Memberships need to be cancelled prior to the date that the next billing cycle begins. If your billing cycle begins on the 25th of the month, you must cancel on or before the 24th of that month to avoid another month of reservations.

If cancelled on or after the billing date, a refund cannot be issued as accounts that are billed have secured a reservation for the date and time reserved and others cannot immediately replace that reservation.

Example: Your membership billing began July 26. It is now October 12 and you decide not to renew your membership for another billing cycle. If you cancel on October 12, your current reservation is still good until October 26 as your billing cycle would be from September 26 to October 26.


 **As class space is limited, we ask that you inform Jungle Gym as soon as you know that you will not be renewing your membership. Often there is a waiting list for certain age groups/class times.


Class Cancellation

48hr Notice - Jungle Gym requires a 48hr notice for class cancellation to schedule a make-up. A membership is good for one class per week. Therefore, we will strive to place your student into another class the same week as originally scheduled. If the schedule will not allow this, we will work with you to attempt to double up (two classes) the following week.

Jungle Gym does not issue refunds for classes missed. 


If you know in advance that your ninja will miss class on a specific date, contact Jungle Gym and we may be able to double up on the week prior to the absence. Advance notification insures the greatest possibility for a make-up class.


- Jungle Gym does NOT issue class credits for classes missed on monthly memberships, but we will do our best to schedule a make-up session at the time you call to cancel -


No Call/No Show – Jungle Gym does not offer make-up classes for no call/no show.

Non-membership classes/Open Gym – 48hr notice for cancellation and a credit for the cost of the class will be placed on your account.


Training Areas

-Registered Participants Only- 

Only registered participants that have checked in with the front desk are allowed in training areas. This allows us to maintain our occupancy standards and insures an adequate amount of training space.

There is space for observation in the Jungle and seating in the Café for those waiting as their Ninja(s) train in the Main Gym.

-Unsupervised Children-

Children under age 13 are not allowed unsupervised - unless dropped off for a class and promptly picked up. A ninja under age 13 that is not in a class must be with a parent/guardian at all times.


Jungle Gym is a place of health and vitality. Sugary drinks such as soda and Gatorade are not allowed in the gym. Alcohol, vaping and tobacco are also not allowed. 

Jungle Gym is a place where we honor one another. For that reason swearing, put downs and vulgar language are also prohibited in the gym. 

Jungle Gym Rights and Responsibilities

Jungle Gym reserves the right to remove an individual from a class, summer camp, workshop, competition or any other activity/event for negative attitude, defiance, vulgarity, and/or any behavior deemed disruptive, reckless or to be inflicting physical or emotional pain upon another. Upon removal, the individual will either be asked to take a break until behavior is modified or asked to leave the premises.


Jungle Gym takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard an environment that enables all participants to train free of harassment and in accordance with the values set forth on our “About Us” page. We extend the “right to remove” to our Jungle Gym Staff based on their interpretation of how these values are being violated and/or harassment is being experienced.