Whatever your goal, you need a body and mind that can get you there! Jungle Gym specializes in coaching individuals of all ages toward optimizing skills, physicality, and inner strength.

Kids will learn ninja skills as seen on American Ninja Warrior. Classes consist of obstacles that range from basic to advanced for that particular age group. Some obstacles will be easily conquered, others will be a challenge! Participants receive individualized instruction, loads of encouragement and helpful tips for reaching their ninja goals.

Jungle Gym takes kids seriously and trains them in strength, agility, stamina, flexibility and body movement techniques. Each class also focuses one of our 5 character qualities- Honor, Integrity, Perseverance, Responsibility and Courage. It takes more than skill to advance at Jungle Gym- character growth is measured and essential to progress.


Kid's classes are Monday through Thursday for ages 5-15

Space is limited. Memberships and drop ins are available. 

A month to month membership (1 class/week) is $80/mo. A single class drop in is $25.

Adult Boot Camps are scheduled for the same time as kid's classes. 

Ages 3-4
Kids will learn Balance, Climbing, Eye Hand Coordination, Tumbling and Ninja Warrior Skills. 
Our awesome preschool training center features rock climbing, monkey bars, balance obstacles, climbing tunnels, quintuple steps, warped wall and and awesome ball pit!
Your child will learn tumbling, balance, agility, upper body strength and eye/hand coordination.
Children must wear clean socks to participate. (Non-slip socks are recommended)
Please do not enroll your child unless you are confident that they are potty trained.
Because we are committed to a clean facility, a $100 fee will be imposed for any child that has an accident in the Preschool training area.
A month to month membership (1 class/week) is $80/mo. A single class drop in is $25.
Ages 6+
Parkour is the discipline of moving from one obstacle to another as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible.
The obstacles are typically rails, ramps, stairs and boxes. It is a great precursor to Ninja. Many of the athletes who compete on American Ninja Warrior have a Parkour background and/or incorporate Parkour in their Ninja training.  
The flips portion incorporates parkour rolls, front flips and back flips. 
A month to month membership (1 class/week) is $80/mo. A single class drop in is $25.

Our ninja coaches will make sure you have a great time learning ninja skills and playing ninja games!

​What's Included

​1 1/2 hours of awesome ninja training

1/2 hour in the Dining Area

Paper products 

Top Notch Coaches to provide instruction as well as  a safe and fun environment. ​

You provide the cake 

Please note that soda and artificially colored drinks are not allowed in the gym.       (Gatorade, PowerAde, etc)​

Group Photo Opp with the Coaches


$270 for up to 10 guests

  $27 per guest after 10

Add $30 if the party includes kids under age 8

   (This covers an additional coach)

20% Gratuity will be added to the total bill.

Rent the Entire Space

$550 for up to  26 guests

20% Gratuity will be added to the total bill.


$100 non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot

All students must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Pricing is per participant. There is no charge for spectators. 

Birthday Parties are available on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm

Headcount required 1 week before party date.

Closed Toed Shoes are Required!

Please give us a call at 727-350-2257 to book a party

Private lessons are the best way to take your child to the next level. 
A Jungle Gym coach will work with your student and focus on a few areas to help them advance further and faster. 
A typical private session is 1 hour. 
Pricing is $60 per session. You may add additional people to the session for $20 pp (up to 8 people total)
Contact us to schedule a private session with their favorite coach!
           NINJA CAMP

Book a camp by clicking "Register" and scrolling to the camp you want. Click on the camp to begin the reservation process. 

An action-packed schedule consisting of everything Ninja, Parkour, Tumbling, and more!  *Day Camps are Ages 6 and up, Week Long Camps are Ages 8 and up*

Our goal is to provide the best possible camp experience. Your kids will have a great time! Camp includes training as well as a lot of fun games- Nerf Wars, Capture the Flag and Dodgeball are some camp favorites.

Since they will be training hard and moving all day, you can expect them to be worn out, but happy at the end of camp. 

Utilizing both floor and hanging Obstacles, Parkour Boxes, Tumble Traks, and other creative elements,

Jungle Gym’s team of Coaches will train in the following:

Ninja Warrior Training:

Kids will utilize American Ninja Warrior style obstacles to develop strength, agility, balance and eye-hand coordination- and of course, have a great time!

Team Building:

Includes a variety of games and partner activities such as Relay Races, Team Ninja, Nerf Wars, Tug of War, Acro, etc.
Students will learn lessons in Leadership, Attitude, and Good Sportsmanship as well as competing strategically.

Character Development:
Focuses on Jungle Gym’s 5 character qualities:

Honor, Integrity, Responsibility, Perseverance, and Courage

Each Trait will include a practical application as well as feature both modern-day and historical role models and stories. While this is not an explicitly Christian-based component, please note that both Biblical principles and Biblical historical figures will be incorporated.

Sample Daily Schedule:

9:00-9:30        Warm up and Games

9:30 - 10:30    Ninja Training

10:30-10:45   Snack

10:45-11:15   Character Building

11:15-Noon    Open Gym

Noon-12:30    Lunch

12:30-1:30     Ninja Training          

1:30-2:15       Games

2:15-2:30       Snack

2:30-3:30       Nerf Wars

3:30-4:00       Team Building / Games


Please pack a nutritious lunch for your ninja.

Each will choose a cubby for the week to store their ninja shoes, snacks, and water bottles.

As the training is rigorous, NO Soda, Sugary Beverages or Candy is admitted into Jungle Gym. Purified water is available for water bottle refill.

Upcoming Camps

President's Day Camp  February 18th

Spring Break Camp     March 11-15th

Summer Camp Dates

Week Options:

Week 1   6/03-6/07  Ages 8+

Week 2   6/10-6/14  Ages 8+

Week 3   6/17-6/21  Ages 8+

Week 4   6/24-6/28  Ages 6+

No Camp July 1-5 
Friday, July 5th Kid's Ninja Competition

Week 5   7/8-7/12     Ages 8+

Week 6   7/15-7/19   Ages 8+

Week 7   7/22-7/26   Ages 8+

Week 8   7/29-8/02   Ages 6+

Week 9   8/05-8/09   Ages 8+


Members: $250 per week. 

Purchase a 3 week block for $700 / $650 Sibling

Contact us to purchase a 3 week or more block


$300 per Week.

20% Sibling Discount Use discount code "Sibling" for students after the first child.
Purchase a 3 week block for $800 / $720 Sibling

Contact us to purchase a 3 week or more block

**Current members can freeze their weekly membership while students are enrolled in Jungle Gym’s Ninja Specialty Summer Camp!

Book a camp by clicking on "Register" and scrolling to the camp you want.

Click on the camp to begin the reservation process. 


The Next Level Ninja program is an opportunity for students to advance to higher level classes and attend Next Level Open Gym on Friday nights 

Next Level Assessments occur on the first Friday of the month at 5:30p     Assessment fee is $10

In addition to extensive testing in strength, balance, technique and stamina, students are assessed on our five Character Qualities: Honor, Integrity, Responsibility, Perseverance and Courage. 

They will need to have the character qualities and definitions (as outlined in the Character Assessment below) memorized as they will be required to recite them during the character interview. 

It is our desire to produce incredible ninjas and incredible people.

We believe that who a Ninja is is as important as what he/she can do. 

Part of our testing process is a character assessment form that is filled out by at least one parent and one other significant adult in the student's life. There is no maximum number of people that can fill out assessments for a student. 

The assessment form is found below. 

Once evaluated, students will have the opportunity to train with other students of comparable skill and character as we push their boundaries higher and higher. 

Students should not expect to pass the assessment without first being enrolled in classes. 


You Have One Life – Make It Count!

Jungle Gym is excited to partner with the organization, Make It Count! to create Make It Count! Ninja.

The formation of Make It Count! Ninja is an initiative to obtain scholarships for students to enable them to participate in classes, programs and events though they may not have the means.

Scope: Make It Count! Ninja is committed to the development of individuals under age 18, and strives to provide a variety of venues through which to equip and encourage healthy mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual development in these individuals. It operates in conjunction with fitness professionals, community leaders and organizations, entrepreneurs, trendsetters, athletes, serving entities, and competitive leagues/events.  

Mission: Make It Count! Ninja is a fitness-based program striving to build character, inspire healthy bodies, draw out leadership potential, and motivate young people to serve their families and communities.

Make It Count! Ninja is committed to utilizing biblical teaching, principles and practices as the foundation for the development of the population that it serves. While its program participants need not adhere to a religious creed, affiliation, or practice; it is understood and accepted that participants will be exposed to, encouraged in, and developed through the examples set forth in both the Old and New Testaments - commonly known as the Bible.

It is due to Jesus’ assertion that the two greatest commands are to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength” and “Love your neighbor as yourself,” that Make It Count! Ninja exists and is passionate about developing young people. The obstacles faced in real life require the same tenacity to conquer as the obstacles faced in the gym and in competition. One’s sense of being created on purpose and for a purpose combined with determination, character, mental and physical health as well as an empathy for the needs and well-being of others are how Make It Count! Ninja interprets these commands within its context.


Make It Count! is a biblically-based not for profit classified by the IRS as a 501c3 charitable organization. It was formed to resource individuals and projects for the purpose of bringing Jesus’ message of hope and renewal to the culture and community.

Donations are deductible for tax purposes.


January 4th

This will be a 2 stage competition with prizes for each age bracket. 

Stage 1 will be open to ALL SKILL LEVELS, every competitor will be able to attempt EVERY obstacle. We are scoring 1 point per obstacle completed, the winner will be the competitor with the most obstacles completed and the fastest time completed. The top 50% for each age bracket will advance to stage 2

Age Brackets:

Ages 13-15 Prizes:

    1st place: $100 + Next Jungle Gym Comp Free

    2nd place: $50

    3rd place: $25

Competitors are allowed 1 free spectator. Additional spectators are $5.