You Have One Life – Make It Count!


Jungle Gym is excited to partner with the organization, Make It Count! to create Make It Count! Ninja.

The formation of Make It Count! Ninja is an initiative to obtain scholarships for students to enable them to participate in classes, programs and events though they may not have the means.


Make It Count! Ninja is committed to the development of individuals under age 18, and strives to provide a variety of venues through which to equip and encourage healthy mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual development in these individuals. It operates in conjunction with fitness professionals, community leaders and organizations, entrepreneurs, trendsetters, athletes, serving entities, and competitive leagues/events.  


Make It Count! Ninja is a fitness-based program striving to build character, inspire healthy bodies, draw out leadership potential, and motivate young people to serve their families and communities.

Make It Count! Ninja is committed to utilizing biblical teaching, principles and practices as the foundation for the development of the population that it serves. While its program participants need not adhere to a religious creed, affiliation, or practice; it is understood and accepted that participants will be exposed to, encouraged in, and developed through the examples set forth in both the Old and New Testaments - commonly known as the Bible.

It is due to Jesus’ assertion that the two greatest commands are to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength” and “Love your neighbor as yourself,” that Make It Count! Ninja exists and is passionate about developing young people. The obstacles faced in real life require the same tenacity to conquer as the obstacles faced in the gym and in competition. One’s sense of being created on purpose and for a purpose combined with determination, character, mental and physical health as well as an empathy for the needs and well-being of others are how Make It Count! Ninja interprets these commands within its context.


Make It Count! is a biblically-based not for profit classified by the IRS as a 501c3 charitable organization. It was formed to resource individuals and projects for the purpose of bringing Jesus’ message of hope and renewal to the culture and community.

Donations are deductible for tax purposes.

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