The Next Level Ninja program is an opportunity for students to advance to higher level classes.

All Leveled classes take place in the Main Gym. 

Next Level Assessments occur on the first Friday of the month at 5:30p.     

The assessment fee is $10

In addition to extensive testing in strength, balance, technique and stamina, students are assessed on our five Character Qualities: Honor, Integrity, Responsibility, Perseverance and Courage. 

They will need to have the character qualities and definitions (as outlined below) memorized as they will be required to recite them during the character interview. They must also be able to explain why these character qualities are important and how they are applying them to their lives. 

It is our desire to produce incredible ninjas and incredible people.

We believe that who a Ninja is is more important than what he/she can do. 

Once evaluated, students will have the opportunity to train with other students of comparable skill and character as we push their boundaries higher and higher. 

Students should not expect to pass the assessment without first being enrolled in classes. 

Once students enter into the Leveled System, they are expected to maintain the high level of Character we expect of them. If they demonstrated that we have promoted them prematurely, they will be demoted until they can prove they are of the maturity level that would afford them the opportunity to attend the Leveled Classes. 

We have 4 Levels that students can test for. 

  Level 1  (Yellow Wristband)

        Students are eligible for Level 1 Classes 

        Students are eligible for Level 1 Open Gym (Fridays from 6-8pm)

  Level 2 (Blue Wristband)

        Students are eligible for Level 1  and Level 2 Classes 

        Students are eligible for Level 1 Open Gym (Fridays from 6-8pm)

   Level 3 (Red Wristband)

        Students are eligible for Level 1, 2 and 3 Classes 

        Students are eligible for all Open Gyms (Including Adult Open Gym)

   Level 4 (Black and Green Wristband)

        Students are invited into assistant coaching opportunities

Character Qualities

  Puts you before me.
  Always faithful and always trustworthy.
  Disciplines itself to do what is right before what is fun.
  Never gives up and never quits.
  the strength to do what scares you the most.
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