GROUP TRAINING   - Coming Soon!


The goal of group training is to get a killer workout and make new friends.

Be ready to be challenged and encouraged!

Our boot camps are designed to take you to the next level no matter what your fitness level is. 
The Class is 50 minutes of cardio & resistance training led by NPI Certified Trainer- Jordon Haslem
All evening classes are at the same time as Kid's Ninja and Parkour Classes so that you can get in shape while your kids train!

These training classes are guaranteed to help you get stronger, build muscle, move and feel better. It will also give you an encouraging team setting as you train with others and help push and drive each other to complete each workout.

Classes throughout the week will focus on different muscle groups to ensure a full body workout and maximize your results

Each class features:
-Dynamic warm ups and mobility to help you move better and ensure the right muscles are activated and engaged for proper mechanics, which helps to decrease the likelihood of pain or injury.

-Compound movements (deadlift, squat, lunge, press, pull) to help you build functional strength.

-High intensity circuits which increase the volume with higher reps, plyometrics, and core training to help you build muscle, burn fat, and increase muscular endurance.

The class utilizes a variety of challenges designed to increase your functional fitness. Be prepared to get into great shape!
You never know what the new challenge will be at Open Gym, but it's always a good time pushing your limits and making new friends. 
You must complete the Intro to Ninja Class before attending Open Gym.
  (ANW competitors are exempted from the Intro to Ninja Class requirement)
Monday-Wednesday from 7:30-9:30pm  and Fridays from 8-10pm
                $12                                                                  $15
Unlimited Open Gym Membership = $80/mo. 
Personal Training and Private Coaching are available for Ninja, Parkour and Functional Fitness for both kids and adults. 
  Jungle Gym's training incorporates multidimensional exercises that increase strength, general mobility, balance and improve natural movement skills. Obstacles, TRX bands, Bodyweight exercises, HIIT drills, Free weights, Acro movements, and Flexibility training are all employed to actively work more muscle groups functionally.
Call or email us to set up a session. 
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Everyone begins somewhere and this is what the intro class is for! A trainer will guide you through a basic familiarity of the obstacles, technique instruction, and best safety practices.
The Intro Class is required to attend Open Gym and the Weekly Ninja Class

$25 Fridays at 7pm. 

Open Gym from 8-10pm is included on the same day as the Intro Class

Ages 16+

This class builds off what you learn in the Intro to Ninja Class and will help you build strength and technique. We will run courses and drill specific technique. This class will teach you how to move through obstacles more efficiently. 
Tuesdays from 5:20-6:30p and
Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30p
A Month to month membership is  $70. (1 class/week)
Ages 16+
Memorable activities produce memorable events!
Let Jungle Gym invigorate your next Corporate Gathering, Birthday Party,
Wedding Reception, Youth Rally, Family Reunion, etc. with an Obstacle Course or Team Building Challenges!
Enjoyed by all skill levels, it’s an unforgettable experience!
Contact us to set up a party or group event. 

Adult Ninja Competition

January 3rd 2020

This will be a 3 stage competition with cash prizes for the top 3 males, top 3 females and top 2 Masters. 
Stage 1 will be geared towards speed and competitors will run side by side.
You will be competing against the clock. 
Stages 2 and 3 will be more technical with each stage increasing in difficulty. 
Spectator tickets are $5